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Connettivina plus 2 mg + 40 mg confezione da 10 garze 10x10 uso cutaneo

Connettivina Plus 2mg + 40mg 10 gauzes 10x10 cm

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Connettivina Plus

2 mg + 40 mg impregnated gauze

Hyaluronic acid sodium salt + silver sulfadiazine

cutaneous use
Pack of 10 gauzes 10x10 cm

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Connettivina plus is indicated in the prophylaxis and local treatment of sores, varicose ulcers and burns.


Active ingredients Hyaluronic acid sodium salt Silver sulfadiazine.

Each 20x30 cm gauze is soaked with 24 g of cream of the following percentage composition

Hyaluronic acid sodium salt 50mg

Silver sulfadiazine 1.00 g


Polyethylene glycol 400 monostearate - decyl ester of oleic acid - emulsifying wax - glycerol - sorbitol solution 70% - purified water.


Spread a uniform 2-3 mm thick layer of cream over the entire site of the lesion, once or twice a day. Apply one or more medicated gauze two or more times a day depending on the extent of the lesions. The application must continue without interruption, until complete healing.

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cutaneous use

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