• A-derma
  • Aboca
  • Acutil
  • Aftamed
  • Amuchina
  • Anonet
  • Aproten
  • Aspirina
  • Aveeno
  • Avene
  • AZ


  • Be-Total
  • Bepanthenol
  • Betadine
  • Bio-oil
  • Bioderma
  • Bionike
  • Biorepair
  • Bioscalin
  • Blistex
  • Borotalco
  • Bronchenolo
  • Canesten
  • Cebion
  • Cera di Cupra
  • CeraVe
  • Chicco
  • Citrosodina
  • Colors
  • Colours of Life

    Colours of Life

    Brand that introduces a line of treatments called "IN & OUT", in which the intake of food supplements is combined with the use of products for skin care and cleansing. Colors of Life offers supplements also free of lactose and gluten and Nickel tested eudermic creams, free of ingredients of animal origin.

  • Compeed
  • Connettivina
  • Control


    Italian brand born in 1977 specialized in the production of articles for sexual well-being such as condoms and lubricants, ensuring innovation and high quality, to find a solution to every need.

  • Covermark


    British brand expert in advanced dermocosmetics, specialized in the formulation of products capable of masking skin defects and making the skin appear free of imperfections. Covermark offers various formulations, for example compact powders, foundations or body fluids available in various shades.

  • Curasept


    Italian company focused on the research and dissemination of innovative techniques and tools for oral health care in all its aspects, from daily cleaning to the treatment of problems such as canker sores and dental sensitivity. Furthermore, it is committed to supporting professionals in the sector, in pre- and post-dental surgery.

  • Dentosan


    Line of products for the health of teeth and gums of children and adults. It is also used by industry experts and provides daily support for the prevention and treatment of problems such as plaque, tartar, tooth decay, gingivitis, tooth sensitivity and bad breath.

  • Dermon


    Dermocosmetics line entirely made in Italy. The products are designed with the aim of guaranteeing essential and safe formulations, with high quality ingredients. Simplicity is also found in the products offered by the company: cleansers and moisturizers, to make daily skin care essential and functional.

  • Dicloreum


    Range of products for topical use based on active ingredients with anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. Depending on your needs, Dicloreum offers skin foams, gels and medicated plasters, all indicated in case of problems involving joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments characterized by pain and/or inflammatory processes.

  • Dr. Ciccarelli farmaceutici

    Dr. Ciccarelli farmaceutici

    Historical Italian brand that originates from a family custodian of the apothecary tradition. In the early 1900s it introduced, for the first time, toothpaste and the Callifugo formula. Over time it has created new brands and exported its products to over 60 countries, always guaranteeing transparency, quality and safety for each product.

  • Ducray


    Line of dermatological products for the treatment of skin and hair problems of both adults and children. Ducray's philosophy has always been driven by innovation: working with scientific rigor to develop innovative products that improve people's lives.

  • Durex


    With the aim of promoting the culture of free, protected and conscious sexuality, Durex offers a wide choice of condoms, lubricants and sex toys for every need. Furthermore, it is committed to coming into contact with young people, answering their questions and disseminating informative content on affectivity and sexuality.

  • Elmex


    In association with experts in the field of dentistry, for the needs of adults and children, Elmex is committed to improving dental health at all stages of life. Furthermore, it aims to research and promote methods for testing the effectiveness and safety of products that do not involve the use of animals.

  • Enterogermina


    Intestinal problems? Enterogermina offers a solution based on Bacillus clausii spores, a bacterium capable of regenerating altered intestinal flora. Enterogermina products are suitable for both adults and children and also respond to specific needs such as lazy intestines and abdominal bloating.

  • Erba Vita

    Erba Vita

    Brand specialized in the sale of food supplements, medical devices and plant-based cosmetics. Each product is formulated to meet specific needs and offers a wide choice even for those who have chosen to follow a vegan or vegetarian diet.

  • ESI benessere naturale

    ESI benessere naturale

    Since 1975 it has been producing phytotherapeutic, dietary and natural foods. Thanks to the study of the chemical and herbal properties of the raw materials, the formulations are innovative and of high quality, to the point of obtaining ISO 9001 certification.

  • Eucerin


    Line of Dermocosmetic products designed to meet every need of the skin, scalp and hair. Eucerin offers 16 lines, to accompany every individual and every skin type in their daily lives, from cleansing and hydration to the use of specific treatments.

  • Eumill


    Line of eye drops containing substances with a soothing, hydrating and lubricating action, for the well-being of the eyes in case of common ailments such as dry eyes, redness and allergies. All Eumill eye drops are suitable for frequent and prolonged use, even with contact lenses worn.

  • EuPhidra


    Company born from Zeta Farmaceutici Group, it combines cosmetics and pharmaceuticals with skin care and respect as its objectives. Euphidra products are designed to guarantee: the skin balance between skin lipids and hydration, prevention of oxidative processes and maintenance of skin firmness and vitality.

  • Fissan


    A brand that has been taking care of children's skin since 1930 from the first days, using selected ingredients and dermatologically testing its formulas. Fissan offers 3 lines of products to be used during bath time, for nappy changes and for daily cuddles.

  • Flector


    Company specialized in the formulation of products with analgesic and anti-inflammatory action, recommended in case of back pain and joint or muscular pain of a rheumatic or traumatic nature. Depending on your needs, Flector is available in the form of medicated plasters, skin gel or soft capsules to swallow.

  • Foille


    Foille is a line of Vemedia products formulated to intervene in the case of insect bites, burns, rashes, eczema or itching of various kinds, to prevent the appearance of scars following local wounds or to prevent redness of the skin of the little ones, even from diapers.

  • Gaviscon


    Line of products having sodium alginate as its basic ingredient, a substance extracted from algae capable of protecting the gastric mucosa from acid secretions. Recommended in cases of heartburn and occasional indigestion, it is found in the form of chewable tablets, sachets or as a suspension to drink.

  • Gynocanesten


    Intimate health is the basis of the well-being of all women, just as it is important to use products that do not alter the vaginal ecosystem or that allow intervention in the event of alterations. Gyno-Canesten offers specific formulations for intimate hygiene and for self-diagnosis and treatment of bacterial or fungal infections.

  • Hero Baby

    Hero Baby

    For the growth of every newborn, HeroBaby offers foods and dairy products prepared with high quality standards, taking inspiration from homemade foods. The production processes are defined in such a way as to guarantee maximization of the nutritional content and bring all the goodness of the starting foods into the finished product.

  • Hipp Biologico

    Hipp Biologico

    Global company that produces everything babies need from the first days of life. For his diet, Hipp chose organic, healthy and tasty foods. For baby's skin care, Hipp offers a line that guarantees maximum delicacy, free of anything that is not skin-friendly.

  • Humana


    It supports mothers and children in their natural growth path by developing weaning products, supplements and a line for the hygiene and care of children in collaboration with paediatricians, neonatologists and nutritionists. The objective is to formulate innovative products and update existing ones, guaranteeing maximum quality and safety.

  • Icopiuma


    One of the brands of the Italian company DesaPharma, it produces plasters and medical devices for simple dressings, superficial wounds and post-surgery. All products are sterile and hypoallergenic, also suitable for subjects with skin hypersensitivity problems.

  • Iodosan


    Belonging to the biopharmaceutical company GSK, its strong point is the union of science and technology. Among the Iodosan products we offer an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and analgesic spray, indicated in case of irritation of the throat, mouth and gums.

  • Jandò
  • Kilocal
  • Kukident
  • L'erbolario


    100% Made in Italy company, each phase of the production process takes place in the South Adda Park. L'Erbolario has always aimed to formulate plant-derived products, with high quality and an accessible price and to offer a cosmetic that is not only effective but pleasant to use.

  • La Roche-Posay

    La Roche-Posay

    Among the brands most recommended by dermatologists, it offers a wide choice of products, each responding specifically to the possible problems and needs of the skin. There are products for both children and adults, both for the care, treatment, cleansing and protection of skin and hair and deodorization and make-up products.

  • Labello


    From the Latin "labium" and "bellus", labellum has been formulating lip care products since 1909. The first to introduce the stick as a product container and to combine a lip treatment with a coloring product, today it produces hydrating, coloring and/or protective lip treatments.

  • Lactoflorene


    For the balance and well-being of the intestinal flora, Lactoflorene offers live lactic acid stoppers with prebiotic action for all ages, also suitable for subjects intolerant to lactose and allergic to gluten. Finally, Lactoflorene has combined lactic ferments with natural substances to obtain the Cholesterol, Cist and Flat Belly lines.

  • Libenar


    The nasal cavities perform an important function of filtering, heating and humidifying the inspired air. For the health of the nasal cavities of newborns and children, Libenar provides products and devices to be used for the daily cleansing of the nasal passages, as decongestants and for aerosol therapy.

  • Lichtena


    From Giuliani dermatological research, a line of products for delicate and sensitive skin. With selected ingredients and dermatologically tested formulations, the products are developed reaching high quality standards. In this way Lichtena guarantees safe, reliable INCIs with high skin tolerability.

  • Listerine


    For more than 100 years it has included in its mouthwashes a unique blend of 4 essential oils useful for reducing plaque and deeply cleaning the oral cavity. Starting from these ingredients, Listerine has formulated mouthwashes with different properties, specific for every need of both adults and children.

  • Lubrigyn


    A line from the Uniderm company, it offers detergents and treatments for women's intimate health. The innovative formula is the cleansing milk enriched with cranberry and pre-biotic complex, capable of promoting the balance of the bacterial microflora, strengthening the natural defenses.

  • Lycia


    Italian company specialized in the sale of body care cosmetics. At the basis of its products are the values of sincerity, transparency and trust, all formulas are designed to be essential and effective. Furthermore, Lycia is committed to creating sustainable and recyclable packaging, respecting not only our skin, but also the environment in which we live.

  • Maalox


    The stomach is a fundamental organ for the digestive process and the absorption of nutrients. Maalox helps to intervene when these functions are compromised, providing remedies that counteract hyperacidity, the rise of gastric juices, bloating and poor digestion.

  • Mag


    Line of products from the Italian pharmaceutical company Sanofi based on magnesium, a fundamental mineral for psycho-physical well-being as it is involved in the main metabolic processes. Mag uses it as the basic component for a line of supplements capable of counteracting muscle weakness, physical and mental tiredness, sleep problems and lowered immune defenses.

  • Massigen


    Born from the Italian company Marco Viti Farmaceutici, it specializes in the formulation of a wide line of food supplements formulated to meet different nutritional needs or deficiencies and to help athletes improve their performance during training.

  • Massigen Sport
  • Mellin


    A Danone Company, for over 100 years it has supported parents in taking care of their children's nutrition from the first months. Mellin products are designed to provide the right nourishment to children at every stage of growth, thus obtaining products rich in taste and nutrients.

  • Mentadent


    For daily oral hygiene, for healthy gums and strong, shiny teeth, Mentadent offers a complete line of products: toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthwashes and dental floss, differentiated based on the needs and requirements of the oral cavity.

  • Meridol


    The health of the oral cavity is closely related to hygiene and affects the health of the entire organism, including the onset of cardiac or respiratory diseases. Meridol supports us in correct daily hygiene and in the treatment and prevention of common problems, such as gum inflammation and bleeding or the formation of plaque.

  • Meritene


    By specifically combining vitamins, minerals and proteins, Meritene has created a specific range of supplements for adults, to provide support for the physiological changes that occur over time. The products are presented as soluble preparations or ready-to-drink drinks with a sweet and pleasant taste.

  • Moment


    Headache is a pain in the head, often disabling, which can have various causes and different intensities. Moment has chosen ibuprofen as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic active ingredient, as well as an antipyretic, to formulate a line of specific products for common headaches, such as those caused by nasal congestion or period disorders.</p >

  • Multicentrum
  • Mustela


    Established in 1950 in France as a family business, Mustela was immediately committed to helping every parent take care of their own skin and that of their child. Each product is formulated to guarantee high safety and quality standards, also respecting the environment.



    Acronym for Natural Medicine, NAMED is today a reference company in the natural medicine sector. Through its products it wants to promote the prevention of diseases and the care of everyone's physical, mental and emotional well-being. The raw materials are carefully selected and the products are gluten and GMO free.



    Italian company specialized in the production of high quality supplements and foods specific for those who practice sports and for those who want to control their daily calorie intake. Many of the Named Sport products are suitable for vegan or vegetarian diets and for those with celiac disease and/or lactose intolerance problems.

  • Narhinel


    Line of products and medical devices to free the stuffy nose of the little ones. For correct cleansing Narhinel recommends using the Physiological Solution to cleanse and soften, followed by removing the mucus with the nasal aspirator. Recommended in case of colds, allergies and to prevent ear infections and rhinosinusitis.

  • neoBorocillina


    A sore throat is an inflammatory problem that can manifest itself with discomfort, tingling or burning of varying intensity. NeoBorocillina offers a specific line of products to treat it from the first symptoms, with an antiseptic or a propolis emollient, up to its most intense forms, with an anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

  • Nestlé


    The world's leading food company distributes products in more than 186 countries. Among these we find food supplements, foods and drinks for adults and children. Furthermore, since 2018 Nesltè has been committed to applying the circular economy system, making all its packaging recyclable and reusable.

  • Neutrogena


    Neutrogena is a brand specialized in the formulation of skin and hair care products. Each product is formulated with carefully selected and proven effective ingredients such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid, retinol and panthenol. Furthermore, each formula is developed following high safety standards and is clinically tested.

  • Nivea


    Born with the introduction of the first stable water and oil mixture, Nivea has been taking care of people's skin for more than 130 years. To date, it offers a complete line for adults, men and women, and children, studying the different characteristics and needs of the skin of different cultures and formulating specific products for each need.



    Complete line of orthopedic devices and products for foot care and hygiene from the Italian company Montefarmaco. Among the Nok San products we find the super-oxygenated foot bath, in single-dose and multi-dose formats: ideal for frequent use, it is refreshing, emollient and antibacterial, also recommended in cases of calluses.

  • noreva


    With the aim of becoming a reference dermatological brand, Noreva formulates its products in collaboration with a group of dermatologists, studying the skin in its complexity and analyzing its evolution over time .

  • Nurofen


    To combat pain, inflammation and flu symptoms, Nurofen uses ibuprofen as the main active ingredient. Equipped with antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, it can be used from the early years of age and is available in the form of syrups, suppositories, tablets to swallow or dissolve in the mouth, chewable capsules and medicated plasters, specific for musculoskeletal trauma.< /p>

  • Nuxe


    French pioneer brand of natural origin cosmetics. Characteristic of Nuxe products are the fragrances, capable of making self-care a multisensory experience. The symbol of the brand is Huile Prodigieuse, the No. 1 beauty oil in France. It is a multi-treatment oil with 7 vegetable oils designed to nourish, repair, hydrate and perfume skin and hair.

  • Pampers
  • Pasta del capitano

    Pasta del capitano

    Born in 1905, the first brand to introduce a toothpaste in paste instead of powder. Each Pasta del Capitano product is made with the aim of guaranteeing quality, safety and reliability and is designed to find a solution to every need of the oral cavity, for every stage of life.

  • Physiomer


    Physiomer line of products for daily nasal cleansing and adjuvant treatment of respiratory and auditory tract infections. The main component is sea water rich in mineral salts and trace elements. The products can also be used long-term and are formulated for all ages.



    Belonging to the Named company, Phyto Garda offers supplements and medicines for various and different uses. The raw materials are carefully selected, resulting in gluten-free and GMO-free products. The aim is to improve physical, mental and emotional well-being, going beyond the resolution of symptoms.

  • PiC


    Italian self care brand that for over 50 years PiC has been taking care of people's health by producing medical devices for daily needs. Among these: devices for aerosol therapy, devices for measuring body temperature or products for disinfection and superficial wounds.

  • Plasmon


    Quality, traceable and safe products with 100% Italian production. In this way Plasmon makes the best products available for the nutrition of tomorrow's adults, accompanying them in the process of discovering new flavors and new consistencies.

  • Polase


    Polase line of supplements based on organic mineral salts highly assimilable by the body, dedicated to those who want help to deal with tiredness and physical fatigue due to the heat and to those who want to quickly replenish lost mineral salts with physical activity. The products are gluten-free, available as sachets to dissolve in water or in ready-to-drink preparations.

  • Polident


    In the presence of dental prostheses it is important to maintain a fresh and clean oral cavity and make sure that the prosthesis is secure, to prevent the infiltration of particles that could irritate the gums. Polident offers a complete line of products for the cleansing and use of dental prostheses.

  • Prolife


    The billions of intestinal microorganisms are fundamental for the health of the body, as they are involved in the absorption of vitamins and nutrients and in supporting the activities of the immune system. Prolife is a line of supplements containing probiotics, prebiotics and vitamins, formulated to prevent or treat imbalances of various origins in the intestinal microbiota.



    Born from the Safety brand, Prontex creates a range of dressing products made with the aim of combining quality, durability and technology. Over the years, production has expanded to include digital meters and the Max Defense line, with disinfectants for skin and surfaces and water-repellent and anti-lice products designed exclusively for pharmacies and parapharmacies.

  • Restivoil


    Soft, nourished and shiny hair is characteristic of healthy skin. The use of aggressive detergents can damage the skin barrier of the scalp, also altering the health of the hair. Restivoil offers a shampoo oil capable of cleansing the scalp, respecting its balance or promoting its restoration in the event of alterations to the hydrolipidic film.

  • Resvis


    Seasonal changes, stress, antibiotic therapies and lower temperatures can compromise the correct functioning of the body's defenses against viruses and bacteria. Resvis has developed formulations based on Resveratrol and Lactoferrin that help strengthen the immune system, even in the youngest.

  • Rilastil


    Rilastil dermocosmetic brand specialized in the care of problematic skin born with the aim of bringing the knowledge of pharmaceutical formulation into cosmetic products. All formulations are tested to be hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and with a reduced content of heavy metals.

  • Rinazina


    Nasal decongestants recommended in case of sinusitis, colds or allergic rhinitis. For natural decongestion Rinazine offers nasal sprays based on sea water: for the whole family, they clear stuffy noses, remove viruses and bacteria and hydrate the nasal cavity, promoting its physiological filtering function.

  • Roc


    French brand born from the idea of ​​a pharmacist to obtain dermatological products formulated on the basis of scientific rigor. Over the years Roc has expanded its production to deodorant and body care products.

  • SAUBER pharma

    SAUBER pharma

    Since 1982 Sauber has been providing quality products formulated by exploiting innovation and scientific research and minimizing environmental impact. Important products are those for deodorization, designed to solve every need and problem, and graduated compression stockings and tights, first choice in parapharmacies.

  • Scholl
  • Sensodyne


    Feeling painful twinges in your teeth when consuming hot, cold, sweet or sour drinks or foods can be a symptom of tooth sensitivity. Sensodyne has developed a complete line of products for the oral cavity capable of protecting and alleviating the discomfort caused by this common problem, contributing to the maintenance of healthy and clean gums.

  • Somatoline Cosmetic

    Somatoline Cosmetic

    Brand specialized in the production of products to combat fat deposits accompanied by cellulite, promoting the elimination of liquids and improving microcirculation. The Somatoline line includes draining, slimming, exfoliating, firming, anti-stretch mark, reshaping and anti-aging.

  • Specchiasol


    Specchiasol is an Italian company specialized in the production of food supplements, animal supplements and skin, hair and oral care products. Each formulation is obtained from carefully selected raw materials and is produced in such a way as to guarantee maximum safety and effectiveness.

  • Supradyn


    Heat, intense physical activity and stress can make us more tired and exhausted. By choosing the right product, Supradyn helps you face every moment in the best possible way, even if you follow a gluten-free diet and/or with reduced sugar or salt content.

  • Sustenium


    Difficulty concentrating? Exhaustion due to the heat? Lowering of immune defenses? Sustenium has carefully selected vitamins, minerals, amino acids and natural extracts to formulate a food supplement that meets every need, to better face everyday life.

  • SVR


    French brand that has been taking care of the well-being of all skin types since 1962: sensitive, with imperfections, mature skin or skin prone to itching and irritation. For each need, SVR has formulated a complete line, to support you in every step of your skincare.

  • Swisse


    Born with the aim of making people healthier and happier, Swisse products are now sold in more than 7 countries. Formulated on the basis of scientific research, Swisse supplements help you take care of your well-being every day.

  • Tachipirina


    Fever? Muscle or other pain? Tachipirina (paracetamol) can help you, it has anti-febrile, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory action and due to its characteristics it can also be used in children.

  • Tantum verde

    Tantum verde

    Tantum verde born in 1967 with the synthesis of benzydamine, an anti-inflammatory molecule specific for the oral cavity and the treatment of sore throat. Over time the brand has expanded by expanding the line of products for oral care and sore throat and spreading them in more than 70 countries.

  • Tau-Marin


    Tau-Marin is an innovative line for daily cleaning of the oral cavity which aims to protect the microbiota and the environment. The products are obtained from 100% recycled materials and are designed with the aim of promoting the complex balance between oral bacteria.

  • Thermacare
  • Trosyd


    Trosyd is a line of OTC drugs, SOPs and medical devices created by Giuliani Research for the care of skin and nails. Used and recommended in the treatment of mycosis, nail alterations, for skin healing and in case of vulvovaginal mycotic infections.

  • Trudi
  • Uriage
  • Vagisil
  • Vichy
  • Vicks
  • Vitalmix


    Vitalmix is a line of energizing supplements to counteract physical and mental weakness. The products are formulated by combining vitamins, minerals and amino acids with natural extracts and are also suitable for celiac or lactose intolerant individuals.

  • Voltaren
  • Zcare
  • Zerinol
  • Zuccari