Medical device

Medical devices for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

In this section there are specific tools, solutions and products to treat and prevent numerous diseases and disorders such as eye problems, colds, burns, vaginal disorders, menopausal symptoms, corns or insect bites.

Those who want to take care of the health of their eyes will be able to find eye drops, contact lens humectant and numerous solutions to counteract dry eyes or other ailments related to insufficient lacrimation or allergies.

For women there is a wide range of products (vaginal pessaries, cream or douches) for the treatment of the most common gynecological disorders such as vaginal dryness, vulvovaginitis and candida.

For those who suffer from allergies there are cough remedies, nasal sprays, masks for aerosol therapy, nasal mouthpieces and ampoules.

In addition to medical devices, there are numerous drugs useful for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, corn plasters, syringes, needle cannulas, insulin needles, sun creams and numerous other items.

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