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Hair always in shape

The sun's rays, the salt, the chlorine in the swimming pool and the wind may in fact have subjected them to a bit of stress and thus made them more fragile and opaque.

Not only that: the approaching change of season can also intensify the natural decline. There are different types of advice to follow to have healthy and shiny hair.

  • - The first fundamental step is cleansing. In reality, overdoing it with washing, especially using shampoos that are too strong, can make the situation worse by triggering greater production of sebum. The ideal would be to wash them 1-2 times a week.
  • - A further fundamental step would be to massage the skin during cleansing. Stimulates hair growth by activating microcirculation.
  • - Use conditioner constantly. In addition to having a detangling effect, having a lower pH than shampoos, it causes the cuticles to close, promoting greater shine and making them easier to comb.
  • - Let's start from the assumption that you should never wash your hair with too hot, but lukewarm water. This precaution avoids the frizz effect caused by high temperatures.
  • - Never wring your hair after cleansing. This damages the keratin of the shaft. Better to dry your hair with a cotton towel.

How to avoid damaging colored hair

Most people usually color or have colored their hair at least once in their lives.

It is in fact important to use a shampoo for colored hair which has the function of protecting the color from the action of time and the sun and at the same time preserving the health of the hair subjected to stress.

Precisely for this reason we have decided to provide you with a practical purchasing guide, which helps you select the best variants offered on the WEB.

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