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Autumn and hair loss

In autumn, hair begins to feel the stress accumulated during the summer and the change of season.

Autumn and hair loss

Hair loss is a physiological and temporary phenomenon. However, if the fall is consistent (over 100-120 hairs a day for more than one-two months) it is important to evaluate the causes and remedies to use.

If the fall falls within the norm of seasonal fall, here are the remedies to try:

Watch your diet

It is important to eat lots of fruit and vegetables (fresh and in season, varying often), but also fish rich in Omega 3.

Food supplements

Modern lifestyles often don't allow you to follow an impeccable diet. Thus food shortages occur which can cause more copious hair loss. In these cases, a food supplement can help counteract and prevent excessive hair loss.

Use strengthening shampoos

Using a shampoo with zinc or strengtheners with ginseng and guarana can help restore  tone and vitality to the hair.

Apply anti-fall vials

The anti-hair loss vials are useful for restoring strength and vitality to the hair, making it more resistant.

Avoid overly aggressive treatments

It is important to avoid stressing the hair by reducing the dyes and the use of straighteners and curling irons. Using the hair dryer at temperatures that are not too hot and applying a thermo-protective product to the hair helps reduce damage to the hair.

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