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Supradyn Ricarica no stress 20 envelopes

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Ricarica no stress

Food supplement with vitamins B6, B12, B5, folic acid, magnesium, Rhodiola and Melissa extracts

Stress out: anti-stress adaptogenic action and mental well-being

Energy in: reduction of physical and mental tiredness

gluten free | with sweeteners
pack of 20 sachets of effervescent granules
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Supradyn Ricarica no stress is a food supplement of vitamins B6, B12, B5, folic acid, magnesium, Rhodiola and Melissa extracts, formulated to combat stress-related tiredness with a dual action: < strong>Stress out stress management and adaptogenic anti-stress action and mental well-being thanks to the presence of: lemon balm rhodiola rosea. Energy in energy recharge reduction of physical and mental tiredness thanks to the presence of magnesium, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.

Rhodiola rosea is an adaptogenic plant that increases resistance to stress and reduces sensitivity to stress-inducing factors while maintaining a state of balance. Melissa officinalis supports mental well-being. Vitamins b5, b6, b12 and folic acid support energy production. Magnesium is essential in a number of processes in response to stress, including neuronal functioning and energy production.


Bulking agent: sorbitol; acidity regulator: citric acid; magnesium (magnesium citrate, magnesium carbonate), dry extract of rhodiola (Rhodiola roseaL., radix) titrated at 2% in rosavines, dry extract of lemon balm (Melissa officinalis L., folium); aroma: lemon; anti-caking agent: sodium carbonate; sweeteners: sucralose, acesulfame K; pantothenic acid (calcium D-pantothenate), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin), folic acid (pteroylmonoglutamic acid), sodium chloride.


Nutritional characteristics

Medium Contents for 1 sachet %VNR*
VitaminB6 4.2 mg 300%
VitaminB12 7.5 mcg 300%
Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) 6 mg 100%
Folic acid 300 mcg 150%
Magnesium 250 mg 66.6%
Rhodiola root extract
tit. 2% in rosavines
170 mg
3.4 mg
Dimelissa leaf extract 160 mg  

*VNR: Nutrient Reference Values

How to take

One sachet a day to be taken at any time of the day. Ages 18 and up.

Product images are purely indicative and may differ in graphics, size or content . Even the names of the products, the ingredients and the percentages described are purely indicative and the manufacturing companies could make changes or updates. The only element of identification is the ministerial code MINSAN. Pharmaserena declines all responsibility for any errors, omissions or lack of product updates.


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