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Grintuss pediatric sciroppo Flacone da 180 g

Grintuss pediatric syrup 180 g

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dry and oily cough

calms the cough, protecting the mucous membrane
180 g bottle

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Syrup based on honey from organic farming and molecular complexes that protects and soothes the upper airways.

Acts on dry cough by counteracting irritation of the mucous membrane and on oily cough by promoting the elimination of mucus.

It is suitable for children from 1 year of age.

How to use

5ml (one teaspoon) for children from 1 to 6 years and 10ml (two teaspoons) from 6 years onwards, two to four times a day

Shake before use. Contains measuring spoon. After use, close the bottle tightly and wash the measuring spoon thoroughly.

Once opened, use the product within three months.


Do not use if hypersensitivity or individual allergy to one or more components is present. In case the symptoms do not improve it is advisable to consult your doctor. Store at room temperature, away from heat sources and protected from light. Keep out of the reach of children.


Grintuss pediatric syrup is formulated with plant molecular complexes such as resins, polysaccharides and flavonoids. These substances, combined with honey, give the product a mucoadhesive, protective and emollient property with a very pleasant taste.

Composition of functional substances

• Honey *;

• Molecular complex of Resins, Polysaccharides and Flavonoids from Grindelia *, Plantain * and Helichrysum * (Poliresin®);

Titrated in polysaccharides (molecular weight & gt; 20,000 Dalton) ≥ 20%

It also contains: Cane Sugar *; Water; Essential oils of: Lemon, Sweet Orange, Myrtle; Natural lemon flavor; Arabic gum; Xanthan gum.

* Ingredient from Organic Agriculture

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