Neoborocillina Gola Junior spray cola flavor 20 ml

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neo Borocillina

gola junior spray

protects the throat, relieving pain.

cola flavor

20 ml spray vial
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NeoBorocillin Throat Junior is a medical device indicated for the treatment of throat irritations caused by hoarseness, oropharyngitis or tonsillitis. It has emollient and protective properties that help reduce burning, pain and sensitivity when swallowing

The spray form and the cola taste make it particularly popular with children.

The formulation, based on components of natural origin, has:

  • Erisimo and Aloe he extracts have an emollient and soothing action on the oral cavity;
  • Glycerin and Tamarind polysaccharides complex with mucoadhesive properties. The complex creates a film that protects the throat from irritation and calms the discomfort of the sore throat.


Titrated and standardized Erisimo extract, purified water, Xyloglucan from Tamarind, vegetable glycerin, Aloe extract, Fructose, E.O. of Lemon, flavoring, citric acid, potassium sorbate.

How to use

Shake before use. Direct the nebulizer on the affected part and dispense according to the instructions.

Children aged 6 and over: 4 sprays several times a day, as needed, up to a maximum of 6 times a day.

If you do not notice any noticeable results after a short period of treatment (7 days), contact your doctor.

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