BioNike Triderm AK Confezione da 30 capsule

BioNike Triderm AK 30 capsules



Triderm A.K.

Food supplement of Niacin, Tocotrienols, Vitamin E, Lycopene and Zinc.

Pack of 30 capsules
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Food supplement with Niacin, Tocotrienols, Vitamin E, Lycopene and Zinc, indicated in case of predisposition to actinic keratosis, in light skin types, and to counteract the evolution and / or reappearance of actinic lesions.




• Niacin: contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin and counteracts the immunosuppressive action of UV rays.

• Zinc: contributes to normal DNA synthesis.

• Vitamin E and tocopherols: protect cells from oxidative stress.

• Lycopene: antioxidant protective.

How to use

One capsule a day, to be swallowed with water.

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