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Spring allergies

Spring has finally arrived: the sun, the days outdoors, the trees in bloom. "Flowering trees", which together with spring, bring pollen allergies with them.

Spring allergies

Spring is the time when allergic people must start taking precautions not only when they are outdoors but also at home, since pollens can also enter the home.

What are pollens and how they are formed

Between April and May, the allergy period reaches its maximum intensity when certain plants are in bloom.

Respiratory allergy is caused by the sensitization of the individual towards pollen. The most of the Italian population is allergic to grasses or composites.

Environmental pollution helps to increase the intensity of awareness.

But what are pollens?

Pollens are the male reproductive cells of plants, which are released into the air during the flowering period to fertilize other plants of the same species.

The allergens present in the pollens trigger an inflammatory reaction that causes symptoms such as swelling, stuffy nose and red eyes.

However, the allergic reaction occurs when there is a certain amount of pollen in the air, therefore until a certain pollen concentration threshold is exceeded, which obviously varies according to climatic factors, for example, a dry climate increases the production of pollen, and the wind causes a greater dispersion of pollen in the air.

What are the symptoms of pollen allergy?

The symptoms of allergic rhinitis are very similar to those of seasonal flu.

Most people experience airway congestion, eye redness, general malaise, tiredness, headache, etc.

Being able to distinguish allergies from the common cold is important in order to undertake the right treatment. If the symptoms are prolonged, it is advisable to consult a doctor, since the allergy is seasonal. An allergist will be able to identify the plants to which we are allergic through skin tests, or through blood tests.

Many people experience profound discomfort in this period, since allergy symptoms are often so intense that they do not allow them to face daily life serenely.

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