Plasmon Lyophilized Calf 4 months + 3x10 g

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Freeze-dried Italian veal baby food

designed for the first meals with meat

Gluten-free | no added salt | delicate taste and suitable for your baby's digestive abilities | easy to dissolve

for 4 months
pack of 3 jars of 10 g
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Plasmon freeze-dried veal, thanks to its delicately flavored meat, is suitable for the early stages of weaning. Contains no added salt.


Gluten and salt free, low in fat, highly digestible.

Instant and vacuum packed.


Veal (85%), rice flour, corn starch.

100 grams of product contain the equivalent of 220 grams of veal.

How to use

  • baby food: add a jar to baby food or soup.
  • Homogenized creams: dilute the contents of a jar in 40 ml of warm water, mixing thoroughly.
  • Broth: pour a jar into 250 ml of hot water and stir.


In case of partial use, the jar must be closed, stored in the refrigerator and consumed within 24 hours.

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